Welcome to

Westbrook School


To be an exceptional provider of quality education


To provide the best possible educational outcomes for learners

Strategic Goals

  • Raising Literacy levels of achievement

  • Raising Numeracy levels of achievement

  • Raising the understanding and knowledge for all students of Te Reo me nga Tikanga Maori

  • Improving the learning opportunities for children with special needs and abilities

  • Improving the school's environment to enhance learning opportunities for students

  • Providing opportunities for students to become life long learners and global citizens

  • Improving and increasing access to and use of information technologies (ICT) to enhance and raise student achievement.


Our school Values are reflected in the "Westbrook Way"

The "Westbrook Way" is about:


"We are family."

"A sense of togetherness, belonging and community."


"I care about myself, other people and our world."

"Valuing oneself and showing care and consideration for other people and property."


"I am responsible for all that I say and do."

"Demonstrating integrity and honesty; being accountable for ones own actions, learnings and belongings."


"I will be the best me I can be."

"Aiming high and showing perserverance."


"I think for myself and take positive actions."

" Demonstrating the determination, enthusiasm and courage to be creative, enterprising and innovative."

He moana pukepuke e ekengia e te waka.

A choppy sea can be navigated.