Bring Your Own Chromebook in Years 4-6

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The BYOC Programme

Over the last few years, Westbrook has introduced Bring Your Own Chromebook to our Year 4, 5 and 6 students.  Students can bring their own chromebook  to school to enhance their learning. 

We must stress that this is not a compulsory requirement for your child and that your child will not be on a device every hour of the school day.

We have digital devices owned by the school that the students can use if they don't bring their own.

Why a Chromebook?

It is important that we do not allow Laptops, iPads or phones to be brought to Westbrook School.

The reasons a Chromebook has been chosen as the most effective option for our school are:

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is like a laptop but instead of Windows or macOS, they run the Chrome Operating System.  Most applications and documents live in the cloud.

To find out more please watch this video

What do our Staff say about the learning benefits?

Chromebooks facilitate invaluable 21st century learning.

We have viewed a growth in independent learning.

The students are more engaged in their learning, and taking far more risks than they would in a non-device setting.

The students can be set a task and asked to work it out for themselves. It enhances problem solving skills.  

There is a reciprocity of learning between the student and teacher.

Students collaborate and work to solve a task or they may choose to work independently. Chromebooks allow students to engage with other peers both near and far, within the classroom and with classrooms on the other side of the world.

Teachers can create multiple groups and activities within a classroom that can be working independently of the teacher.

Students can refer to and use the feedback of both teachers and fellow students to improve their learning.

What do our students say about chromebooks?


Tips for buying a chromebook

Shop around! Visit 3 stores and get the best deal.  

Talk with the sales person and find out what is available.

Look at Price, specifications, bundled deals, ruggerbility and most importantly support. ( Will I have to courier my chromebook to Auckland should it need to be repaired?)

Do I need a touch screen? (If your child has special needs and you can afford to buy a chromebook with this feature it would be an advantage but it is not essential)

Can I get finance through WINZ or the Credit union?

Important: Ask how many years are left until the end of life for the Chromebook, (How long it will continue to receive updates)

If you have any further questions please read our user agreement before contacting the school.

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