Student Councillors

Dante Temara

Co - Presidents

Caira-Jem Smalley-Huch

Westbrook Student Council

Our 2021 Student Council is made up of 24 students from Years 4, 5 and 6. There are 12 boys and 12 girls. This year’s councillors are:

Year 4: Mila, Bailee, Corey, Daniel, Ollie, Finlay

Year 5: Clodagh, Kenzi, Tiana, Emi, Hunter, Max

Year 6: Joel, Caira-Jem, Te Ikiwa, Monique, Arihia, Manaia-Rei, Amber, Dante, Naveen, Josh, Connor, Arthur

The council is ably led by our two co-presidents, Dante and Caira-Jem. They are supported by the two Co- Vice presidents, Amber and Connor.

The student councillors are our student leaders and role models. They are involved in a number of leadership activities during the year, both in and out of school.

Connor Beazley

Co - Vice Presidents

Amber Albrecht