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Over the next few weeks you will be able to find some quick suggestions about how to keep your family safe online.  Check back each week for a new tip.

1. Talk with your family about online safety

Be clear about your family’s rules and expectations around technology, and consequences for inappropriate use. And most importantly, make sure they feel comfortable enough to ask for guidance when they encounter tough decisions. This can help your family feel safe exploring the Internet on their own, and to know who to turn to—you—when they have questions.

2. Keep your computer in a central place

This makes it easy for you to monitor what your child is doing on the internet, what games they are playing and how long they are spending on their device.

3. Understand what they do online

Talk to your kids about what they are using the internet for.  What is involved?  Who's in their network?  What information do they share?  Are they using the internet to learn?  To create friendships?  To create music or videos?  
Showing an interest in the things they do helps to build your understanding of what their online world looks like.